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I was born with the name Steve John Spickard. For fun, I've created 3 internet alter egos.
Smilin' Jack = SJ:-)   Laser Quest grand opening was "preening for the press." My pal, Deborah Graham, a reporter,  was covering the event. We go together. To play the game, I chose Smilin' Jack, the 1933 comic book aviator hero. We kick laser rear.
Judge CTC as a referee for The Lilac City Roller Girls.
I shot a bit of thier practice sessions and bouts. Here's the link to my facinating videos:
DJCTC at  I'm mbibing in a musical adventure. is great way to collect, share and find new music.
I manage Select Realty Inc., owner of the Big Dipper, and the Universal Heart Center.

The Universal Heart Center was inspired by the works of Janaka & Sita Ananda and was built in 1985 by my brother, Bob, Kevin McKiney, George Pigman, Richard Drake, Sensei Chinen and myself.

Enter the Center !
Peace be with You.

Yoga? Belly Dancing? Tia Chi?
The other half of the Lord's Prayer?
Enter the Center

Janice Mac Avoy , my daughter, lives in New York and is married to Johnson McKelvy. They have two children, Margaret and Charles. Below are links to the children's birth announcements and a link to our family background with lots of pictures.

Hi Maggie*
Greetings from Dr. Spock within.
Birth announcement? 
Click on the bow or go to: Family
To see your mom, click on her name:
* Janice and Johnson's Daughter, 
Steve's granddaughter 1/28/99
YO Charles IV* !!
you have a cute sister

*Jan and Johnson's Son
Steve's grandson 5/6/01

One last thing: If you want the best food on the planet, see the page I wrote for my pal, Sita.
It's called "Love the Sunshine in with Sprouts" Go there. It's good for you.

So good-by for now,

Steve Spickard
918 S. Cedar
Spokane, WA
Voice: 509-747-5745
Cell: 509-280-1904
p.s. The Welcome sign, text and background for this page started with imput to Web TV 100 dollar box in the "Xoom" community. How cool is it that any smilin' fool can publish? The background and Welcome sign here are from a Xoom template. Xoom was absorbed by NBCI. NBC suspended host service July 15, 2001. I moved the files to Tripod.

Here's a few SJ:-) pages.

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