Ode to Joy, by Schiller, from the Chorale of the 9th Symphony

The Rock of Beethoven

"Beethoven, Prometheus of the modern World"

Prometheus of the Modern world

    The most mysterious figure in classic Creek Mythology is Prometheus.  According to old Pelasgian legends, he was descendant of the Titans, half-god, half-man.  He was far above man, but still below the Gods.  In our modern terminology, he was Superman.  He was too human to live in Olympus with the God, but too far above man to be able to descend to the inferiority of human life on Earth.  So he thought of something audacious and great: to bring Heaven to Earth.  He decided to steal the Divine Light and Fire from the Gods and to bring it to Man.

One beautiful midsummer night, a vision appeared before the astounded eyes of men.  They saw the Divine Light descending from Mount Olympus in the hands of the giant Prometheus.  The greatest miracle in Zeus' world was accomplished; Prometheus brought the Divine Fire and gave it to Man.  Each member of the great Human Family received a spark from the Eternal Divine Fire.  Many of them were unable to keep it alive and lost the Divine Fire; but he who preserved it became a Genius.   And life became beautiful upon the Earth.  Great architects appeared and created magnificent monuments.  Great sculptors and artists created wonderful forms and colors.  Poets sang melodious songs.  Everything became beautiful aand harmonous upon Earth, and Man became more and more similar to the Gods of Olympus.

And Olympus became dark and cold without the Divine Light and Fire.  The Gods began to envy Man because of his earthly paradise.  In their fury they decided to revenge themselves upon Prometheus who stole from them the Divine Light.  The Titanic struggle began.  With their lightning the Gods defeated Prometheus and chained him to the Caucasian Mountains.  The furious Gods sent there the Eagle of Zeus to devou the heart and liver of Prometheus, but even this could not kill the titan.  His strength and vitality were so great that the parts of his body eaten by the eagle during the day, grew back again during the night.

Years upon years appeared and dissapeared in the Kingdom of Chronos and his suffering was without end.  But great was his consolation.  For he saw everywhere in the night the sparks of the Divine Fire in the hearts of Men.  His suffering heart became the focus of all the sparks of the Divine Fire over all the Earth.  And the heart of the enchained Prometheus resounded with the most sublime symphony under the stars, the music of the spheres uniting Earth and Heaven.  Prometheus, although he was in chains, remained the Creator like the Gods, but a sufferer like Man.  And he became the Eternal Source of the beautiful for mankind.  From him have descended all suffering creators, all geniuses of all ages.

Or modern world also has a Prometheus, suffering, creating and eternal:  Ludwing van Beethoven.

Joy; fair spark of the Gods,
Daughter of Elysium!
Drunk with fiery rapture, Goddess,
We approach they Shrine!
Thy magic reunites those
Whom stern custom has parted.
All men will become brothers
Under thy gentle Wing.

All the World's creatures
Draw Joy from Nature's breasts;
Joyously as Suns speed
Through the glorious order of Heaven,
Be embraced, Millions,
Take Joy's kiss for all the World!
Brothers, surely a loving Father
Dwells above the canopy of Stars.
Seek Joy then beyond the Stars.
He must dwell beyond the Stars.