Steve Spickard
918 S. Cedar
Spokane, WA
(509) 747-5745

January 8, 2012

Ms. Ellen Dolan
Spokane City Treasurer
Spokane, Washington

RE: Arbitrary Tax with no appeal process mentioned in the notice. $277.75

See back page here. There is no appeal process!

RE: Traffic Infraction Notice for not having business License.  $770

See back of 'Ticket' here.

Dear Ms. Ellen Dolan, Treasurer Spokane City

I met with Ms. Marilou Lewis, of your staff, and was told that ‘someone’ claimed I had done business without a license.

She advised me to write a letter. This is the second letter. This is the first letter with your? notes.

“Thank you for your letter of 11/4/11. The property was leased by Select Realty Inc. July 13, 2011 to The Village Experience, a 501 (c) (3) organization working with creative musicians and music educators to bring a unique and comprehensive music experience to at-risk youth in the Spokane area. (See: )."

To convince you that The Village Experience is a legitimate 501 (c) (3) organization, Enter the world of Sam Reed

They have paid the appropriate fees and now await inspections.

Please note the property at 171 S. Washington is owned by Select Realty Inc.

To further establish my claim that I am not responsible for any licensing fees, I am again including a copy of the lease, from Select Realty Inc. to The Village Experience.

To convince you that The Village Experience had control of the building, here is an application and banquet permit, showing that The Village Experience applied for the event.


The event that caused these charges and demand for money was a Hollowed party. Here's the contract made between The Village Experience and Dwyane Mariscal, NOT Select Realty or myself.

The Village Experience has paid the City $510 dollars for the licenses. Ellen, you wish me to pay an additional $277.75 for a useless license. Officer Max Hewitt has issued an Infraction ‘Ticket’ asking for $513 and $257.

Thus the City is asking for a total of  $1557.75 to open a facility dedicated to teach underprivileged children music. Eventually, the weight of your actions will rest on The Village Experience.

The enclosed copy of the alleged infraction is marked as a ‘Traffic’ infraction. On the face of it, I am instructed to respond to either the City of Spokane Municipal Court or The District Court of Spokane County. Since none are checked in this area, I would not have known where to respond had I not read the top of the 'Ticket'.

I did not know of the ‘Ticket’ until far beyond the 15 day response time. Then the Court mailed the ‘Ticket’ and I received a Notice from the Spokane Municipal Court and I am given until 1/9/2012 to respond to a 'Traffic' infraction. Electing to go to court I hand delivered the response, met with Linda and she wished me good luck! She tells me it may be months before the Court can find the time to process this infraction.

It is ironic that I am on the Executive Committee of Cliff Cannon Neighborhood and serve on the Public Relations Committee of Building Stronger Neighborhoods. It is impossible to put a positive spin on any of these unwarranted inhumane demands and lack of attention to detail.

Well, that's a bit harsh. Ellen,  withdraw the Business License Renewal request.  Max, please withdraw your 'traffic infraction'.


Steve Spickard