Hi Gang,

Here's a few notes about Seattle. Bob, Mary and I traversed the state to very cool Master host and hostess, Bob (aka Buck) and Claudia's house. The next day Bob, Mary and I went to Mater Lee's dojo where Ryan and some of his classmates were tested.

Master Lee has these words on his dojo walls:

 Effort   Discipline   Respect   Patience   Concentration 

Bob video taped part of the testing from the gallery while I ran the dojo camera from the front of the room. Bob snapped some good video of Ryan. Here's a frame from Bob's video with your author, Ryan, Tim (Master Lee's assistant), Master Lee and an unknown young lady who beat up Ryan.

Let's be clear, however, Ryan is very good, very tough. The next shot shows him totally distorting two boards.

Well, we had a good time at Master Lee's studio and then went to Speakeasy. This is Seattle's top internet cafe. Here's a link to their web site: http://www.speakeasy.org. They provide email at various locations around Seattle for lots of folks. Bob, Mary, Ryan and I had a nice lunch there. Here's two snaps of speakeasy. The first one is of the stations and the second is an overview with a Dude who ran Spokane's Bloomsday race with me. He was ahead. e.g. His time was faster.


We left there and went to the bus station to pick up Allison, Ryan's girl friend. She's o.k. You will see a picture of her later.

Now let's check out the Saturday night life! We met Booker "T" (my personal role model) and "The man in the moon" on the way to a stylin' italian dinner.

    We had a nice dinner and did "the 10 bars for 5 bucks deal". Too exciting. Had to go home and crash at Master Buck's home. We got up the next day and had breakfast at the B&O. Yummmm!! This was the last we time we got to see Kim, Claudia, Stacie (our pierced wait person) and Master Buck. Ryan and Allison were delayed but still got to eat and have their picture taken with my favorite brother.


On the way out of town we got to stop in Des Moines and visit with Mary's other sister, her husband and their karate kid, Mitch. Ryan, you better stay in training. This 5 year old has some major kicks and blocks.

Thanks for a great time.....best Seattle trip and 56th birthday party I ever had.

For another cool trip visit: http://www.impactu.com or http://www.iea.com/~mckinley.

cu ---  Steve aka as: sj:-) i.e. smilin jack