Oh Andy, you came and you left and got naked…..

Lots of folks took photos that night. We've been promised copies to make this page a lot cooler. Check back. This page mounted the day after the party with .jpegs off a camcorder.
Not bad, but not good enough for our pal Andy.

August 24th, 1996 Spokane - Andrew Strickman, feature writer for the Spokane Inlander, is moving to Aspen.
Friends throw the going away party.

Opening the show was Tiana Gregg. (Anyone knowing more about this vocalist please let us know.) Christopher Lucas, a Spokane native living in New York, took the stage. Try and get an invitation from him for his yearly New Years eve bash. It be happinin’) Here’s a pix of Chris:

Jim Finley, who loves Andy so much he is about to do a sex change, sang a touching ballad based on the classic, Mandy.
Who did that? Barry Manalow? Here’s a verse:

Oh Andy you came and you left and got naked
Now you’re goin’ away
oh Andy
Aspen’s bright world, a moneyed morass
a thousand pretty girls all to dump your ass

Here's Jim:

Here’s Jim and Andy. Andy’s checkin’ out the lyrics.

Well, then came the Disco segment of the evening with D.J. Sir Charles. Who, by the way, did a good job.
The dance floor was alive.

Lots of cool folks showed for the gig. John and Pam Lemon showed up. John used to manage the Dipper.
He and Pam are having their first child in November. Terance Grob made an appearance. Good thing the
air cleaner was working.

Ted McGregor, editor of the Inlander, is shown here with Dan Webster, insightful entertainment critic for the Spokesman.

Marshall Moulton, all around nice guy, psychologist and Mud Honey victim came by.
JJ worked the bar. Amy Cannada got sj: ) smilin'. Rasa looked over the show.

Some of the The Sissies showed up. They are morphed from Velvet Pelvis. This 2 girl 2 guy show in not to be missed.
And neither is Madeline’s purple hair. John from High Lonesome says hi.....

Many thanks to Elana, Cammie, Heather et al. for decorations etc...

It was Andypaloza and the list of revelers goes on and on....

Sir Charles closed the club sometime durring the early daylight morning after a few hands of blackjack.

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