The Experiment
Multimedia Rock Opera 
Interactive Performance Art 

The Big Dipper
14-April-2001, Saturday
Doors open at 7:30pm.

The life and death of the most pivotal figure in Western Civilization is portayed in this interactive drama,
complete with amazing computer graphics, participatory action and images, and a live band.

The passionate play is set to the contemporary musical art of Metallica, Foo Fighters,
Creed, Lenny Kravitz, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden and many others.
RAWK the Inland Northwest announces that it has arranged for a special event
to be held the night before Easter at the Big Dipper in downtown Spokane -
Saturday, April 14, 2001.  In collaboration with Crux Multimedia Productions
(, we will host J-Naz: A Silent Rock Opera.  This
"interactive rock'n roll experiment" will feature wordless drama, projected
computer graphics and images, and the performance of modern rock classics,
the lyrics of which will relate to major events in the life, death and
resurrection of the most pivotal figure in Western Civilization, and to
believers, God incarnate - Jesus Christ.

Live music will be played by members of DTS, a local modern rock band,
accompanied by Sara Davis of Broken Paradox and Brett Neste of Two Copper.
Music originally performed by the following bands will be included:  Creed,
Soundgarten, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls, Lenny Kravitz, The Who,
Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, and Pink Floyd.

In addition, a local band will open the evening at 7 PM with a set of
original music not directly connected to J-Naz, which will begin at 8 PM,
include an intermission, and conclude around 9:15 PM.  This will be followed
by a DTS set of music, with the event wrapping up around 10 PM.

The cover charge for J-Naz: A Silent Rock Opera will be $2, payable at the
door only.  Doors open at 6:30 PM.

Experiment.  Transcend.  Make contact.  Don't miss... J-Naz.

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