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RAWK:  www.rawkonline.com

FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2001
6:30 - $15


RAWK the Inland Northwest, a nonprofit organization based in Spokane,
Washington, announces that it will sponsor an all-ages concert on Friday,
April 27, 2001, at the Big Dipper, Second and Washington, in downtown
Spokane.  Doors open at 6:30 PM, with the show starting at 7:00 PM, and
ending around 10:30 PM.  Tickets are $15, and available only at the door.

Leading off the night will be Moses Lake rockers, NORMAL, playing their
fabulous metal infused hardcore. Normal has proven very popular in the local
music scene, in the few months since they started performing here regularly.
NORMAL:  http://www.angelfire.com/nm/normaltribe/

SUFFICE takes the stage with their straight up west-coast hardcore with
ferocious metal that rips at your jugular while pummeling you with intense
moments of hardcore.  They just completed recording 7 songs for their new EP
to be titled "Burn the Fields."   Suffice is scheduled to appear at Tomfest  in July.
SUFFICE:  www.sufficeonline.com

BRANDTSON, bringing the lighter side of the show to the table with their
rock, dare we say "emo." Hailing from Cleveland Ohio, this four piece band
has played the club circuit across the US once before and is out again in
support of their latest EP. Brandtson is like a bullet...when they're dead
on, their combination of chiming guitars and dual vocals are show stoppers
with your heart and soul. Unquestionably their best release to date, TRYING
TO FIGURE EACH OTHER OUT pushes tone, melody and rhythm to their fullest
potential. The guitars retain Brandtson's signature aggression with a lush,
full, hypnotizing sound...at times blasting forth with a ruthless barrage of
distortion. But the focus here is on maturity and introspection rather than
angst. You'll get the feeling that these boys have a broken heart or two as
you belt out the lyrics and pound your fists, feeling that stinging sensation
of pain and hope. Impeccable production and simply tighter than ever,
Brandtson has taken that final step in creating the perfect intermingling of
hook-laden pop and passionate post-hardcore. They can do no wrong.
BRANDTSON:  www.brandtson.com

It's been a looong time coming, but the metal hardcore legend of the east
coast has finally made it's way to little podunk Spokane, Washington for the
first time. This is after many escapades of misbooking, broken down vans, and
other reasons for not showing up for shows. ZAO, which just released it's 5th
record, "self titled" for Seattle's SOLIDSTATE RECORDS
(www.solidstaterecords.com) is touring the nation in support of "self
titled." Their stop here on Friday April 27th will be nothing short of
madness. Hailing from West Virginia, this band has played as many shows as it
has had member changes. Since the bands inception circa 1995, they have 8
former members and four current members. The only original member is drummer
Jesse Smith. But don't let the member changes fool you, these guys will blow
you away with the intensity and power that has always been ZAO!!
You have been warned!
ZAO:  www.zao-online.com

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