Camarilla is a LARP (live action role playing group). They invite you to join the game.

Games are played generally at the Big Dipper every other Sunday. You must be over 18 to play or be a member in The Ballads of Darkness chapter. The games are safe. Even simulated combat is not allowed. Children are not allowed. While the story line may be dark, all the players realize they are acting.

In the Domain of Spokane there are three chapters:
The Ballads of Darkness, Moot Point and Empire of Shadows.

The Ballads of  Darkness run the game at the Big Dipper.

The Game came into existence in 1992 and is now played world wide. International rules vary. Camerilla is defined as a cabal; a clique; a body who undertakes to advise someone in authority. Interestingly, the main authority site bills itself as a White Wolf Fan Site.   The game is made possible by White Wolf Publishing, Inc. Books and thousands of pages of info are available there.

The story line at the club involves folks in Portland, Seattle and much of the West coast. It can be a fun way to meet new friends and hone your acting skills. Visit The  Ballads of Darkness,

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