Dear Chief Bragdon:

Here's the check written and cashed by the city in the amount of $303 as an application fee for said cabaret licence.

It is our intention to rent the facility within the structure of the law. To be certain our Clients and UHC are in compliance, we have rewritten our rental agreement.
Any item you or our city legal folk think should be added or altered, please advise.

The form may be found at:

To advertise for our Clients, we maintain a calendar of events.

Events to be held at the Club are posted on our web site only if some or all of the rental has been made or it is a RAWK event or the space is donated. Our calendar goes back to the Nov. of 1999. You may wish to review what took place.

With rare exceptions, the events were all posted. The event of December 22 (the date of  Lieutenant Earl's vist) is not posted as the promoter did not pay until the day of the event. There is no advertising value for him.

The calendar may be reached at:

The following folks have expressed an interest in using the facility. We believe more than half will commit to use the club, if it is open.

Feb. 1 - Soup (a band) et. al  - Alphono Gufter 216-1748
Feb. 8 - St. George's School - Judson Ford 466-1636 x359
Feb. 9 - Private Party - S. Mitchel
Feb. 18 - Endztime (a company) - Paul 217-9284
Feb. 22 - Delbert (a band) - Rick 533-9093
Mar. 1 - Boom Bap (a band) et. al. - Andrew Walters 456-5951

If you wish us to discuss the nature of these proposed events, we are happy to meet with you or any officer.

This week, RAWK and UHC were happy to pay over $500 in admission taxes to the city. We hope to keep this up and be an ongoing asset to the city.

Steve Spickard - My best phone is 747-5745

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