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RAWK the Inland Northwest announces that it has organized an all-ages
concert presenting four bands at the Big Dipper in downtown Spokane (Second and
Washington) on Saturday, February 10, 2001.  This show kicks off at 7 PM
(doors open at 6:30).  The price is $5, payable at the door only.

Only one of these four bands has previously played a show sponsored by RAWK.
This is the twelfth show the organization has held at the Big Dipper since
last fall.  Three of the bands are from the Spokane-Kootenai area, and the
fourth is from Moses Lake, continuing our effort to provide opportunities
for many younger local bands to play in the area during the winter months.

The leadoff band is Victims of Circumstance, a young punk band from Mead
High School.  The band is composed of two sets of brothers, Dan and Kenny
Absalonson (466-2229) and Aaron and Tim Friesen, sons of the youth pastor
at Garland Avenue Alliance Church.  The band has been in existence for about a
year, and has played a limited number of shows.  Band leader Dan Absalonson
says that the band plays a style of punk similar to MxPx or Dogwood.  Dan,
the only senior in the group, runs on the outstanding Mead cross country
team, and provided his team's fifth finisher in last fall's State Cross
Country Finals.

The next band up will be Overridden, an accomplished skate punk band from
the Coeur d'Alene area.  The four band members are all juniors at various high
schools (Lake City, Post Falls, and Gonzaga Prep).  Overridden has been
together for about a year and a half, and has performed at approximately
ten local shows, including Bobfest 2000, where they were awarded second place,
amongst a strong field.  They have just recorded a demo CD.

The third band is Normal, making their second appearance at a RAWK show,
back by (very) popular demand.  This five-member band from Moses Lake, which has
been in existence for over five years, plays very hard music, which might
be termed metal hardcore with tribal overtones.  Bands with similar styles
include Neurosis and Buzzoven.  Normal has been playing many shows
recently, particularly in Spokane.  They are in the process of developing a
full-length CD.  This band is very interested in the visual arts, as well as music.  A
contact for the band is Duane Callahan, whose wife provides volunteer work
at Moses Lake schools for hearing-impaired children (509-765-0588).

Normal's Web:

Clever graphic from Normal's Site:

The headline band is the very interesting DTS, a band with both older (over
30) and younger members.  Band spokesman Lee Davis (891-7759), a research
development manager at a local firm, says that the musically knowledgeable
members decided to form a band which would provide quality local expression
of music influenced by groups such as Metallica, Soundgarten, STP, Chili
Peppers, Collective Soul, and Alice in Chains, while playing all-original
material.  This may seem like an ambitious undertaking by a fairly new
band, but this is a serious-minded group.  Evidence of that fact is the inclusion
of Dave Calhoun, Chairman of the Philosophy Department at Gonzaga
University, within the band.

Mp3 song samples for DTS can be heard at

The DTS dude to your left can take you there.


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