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RELEASE DATE: June 6, 2001

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FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2001

RAWK the Inland Northwest announces that it will help celebrate the end of
the school year in most districts by hosting an all-ages "Punk RAWK Prom", on
Friday, June 15, 2001, at the Big Dipper, Second and Washington, in downtown
Spokane.  This show features two local punk bands (which will also appear at
this years Bobfest) and two punk bands from Western Washington.  Three of the
bands are composed of members still in high school (or having just
graduated).  Doors open at 6:30 PM, with the show starting at 7:00 PM, and
ending around 10:30 PM.  Tickets are $7, and available only at the door.

Attendees are encouraged to choose one of the following options:  1) dress
up, 2) dress punk, 3) dress up AND punk their hair, 4) dress any way they
feel like (appropriate for a public event, of course), 5) bring a date, 6)
NOT bring a date, but bring every single one of their friends, or 7) bring
their old Granny (Granny doesn't have to punk her hair, unless she wants to).

The headline band for this show is NOT LONG AFTER, coming back up from
Vancouver, WA by popular demand.  These guys have been crowd-pleasers in
previous shows at the Big Dipper.  Band leader Ryan Moor (360-574-6354) says
that Not Long After released another EP May 22nd, entitled "On the Road to
Somewhere."  Not Long After has played extensively in the last year.  The
band has web presence at www.mp3.com\notlongafter.

Playing the third spot is the local band NON-PERISHABLE, a fairly new
three-piece band composed of two East Valley students and a member of another
local band, PURE JOY.  One of the other members had played in the short-lived
band THE PRINCIPLES.  Drawing from various influences, Non-Perishable doesn't
play just punk rock, but promises to RAWK hard at the Punk RAWK Prom.  The
band played very well in their first show at the Big Dipper, opening for the
J-Naz Silent Rock Opera.  They were selected to appear in Bobfest 2001, and
are excited about that opportunity.  Check them out at

Playing their first show locally is a young band from Port Orchard, WA and
South Kitsap High School, TIME TO FLY.  This band has developed a good
reputation, despite changing members and there name twice.  The band was
originally known as Anger Management, then Square the Circle.  It is a
four-piece melodic punk (not too poppy) band, and has played extensively in
Western Washington.  Time To Fly has recorded a demo CD, and plans to record
another in June at Seattle's Well Wrought Audio.  Band contact Tyler Lewis
(360-710-2214) says they "might come dressed as nerds," in order to get into
the spirit of the evening.

Opening the night is WORLD EXEMPT, a product of Mt. Spokane High School, and
another finalist selected for Bobfest 2001.  World Exempt was formed in
December of 2000, and is a four-piece band.  They started out with Chris Wold
on bass, but later Josh Lincoln took his spot.  Mxpx, Millincolin, Fenix tx
and Blink 182 inspired them to make music.  They have recorded a solid demo
CD, which vocalist Brent Langelier (509-230-9545) says reached number one on
the Hastings Local CD Sales list.  World Exempt will be making their second
appearance in the Big Dipper, but their first at a RAWK show.  You can check
them out at www.worldexempt.com

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