Big Dipper
171 S. Washington
Spokane, WA  99201
August 18, 2000
David Govedare

Dear David,

Thanks for hanging out at the Dipper in it's last incarnation. We would like to work with you to install the mobile sculpture with the eagle wing you created in 1988.  We want to mount it on the top of the  southwest corner of Big Dipper. Please note my amateur representation of the work on the corner. We will be painting and cleaning the building to complement the work. We plan to do something with the billboard to visually "frame" the work and rent the billboard for a few months upon opening.

To make certain it is stable we are thinking that we need to configure an "L" shaped cap for the roof edge, with a triangular plate on the top to form a base on which to mount the work. The ledge is approx. 19" wide. Also the pivot unit could be a bit dated. Could you work with us to replace or repair the pivot point and to fabricate a mounting system?
Thanks Dave -- Please let us know asap as the work is on the dance floor.


Steve Spickard

Thanks Dave. Here's your work on the Big Dipper


It was installed on Shane's Birthday July 7, 2001 by
 Bert and Darren Carr, Shane Weighall Sr. and Bob Spickard
Thanks gentlemen!

Large Ladle