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With Arm in hand, Bloodloss conjures memories of Mudhoney

Joe Ehrbar: Nightwatch

The last time Mark Arm was in Spokane the fire marshal cut short
the performance of Arm and his band, Mudhoney.

It was the summer of 1991, the eve of the Seattle scene's eruption.

Mudhoney -- among the Emerald City's promising ``grunge''
bands destined for great things, took the stage in an
over-capacity, sweat-drenched, jam-packed Big Dipper. So
many people wanted to see the band that a line ran out the
door and down Second Avenue for a block.

One-and-half-songs into their set, the fire marshal pulled the plug.
Mudhoney left, never to return.

That show is legendary in the local scene, mainly because of
all of the rumors it sparked. There was one that said the
band got stiffed by the bar. Another rumor circulated that
Mudhoney vowed never to come back ......... The best rumor
said that on the way back to Seattle that night, the band's van broke down in
Ritzville, inspiring a song called ``Ritzville'' in which Arm
ranted in the chorus: ``Going Back to Ritzville/ Don't ask
why/ It's as good a place as any/ to go an die.''

None of the rumors proved true, of course.

``I really have no idea what happened that night,'' he said in
a recent phone interview.

That's Joe's story.

Here's my story:

The promoter, owner of Grobal Productions, Terry Grob,
while working the door had a Grand Mal Seizure.

Terry and I allowed too many people into the club

The fire department thought it was dangerous.
I could not correct the problem.
After I allowed Mudhoney to do two songs, I pulled the cords.
Folks were disappointed. The show was closed.
Those who wanted it, were given refunds.
Thanks to you who told me to use their door money to keep the club going.
Mud Honey got their guarantee.

While Terry was simi-consciousness, he entrusted what he had of the door receipts to me.
The sum was very small.

Terry's friends and I tried to find the missing mola when someone in an opening act
brought us a bunch of money. Terry had miscounted the money and given it to:
The Unknown Honest Dude -- Thanks!

Using those funds and dipping into club funds,
all the guests, bands, sound men, door men and staff were paid or given refunds for the night.

Terry rested and recovered.

The club was closed for 30 days by the liquor board.

When we were closed, Kevin, Scott, Tanya and Steve created the
Mud Honey Garden and Big Dipper Reforestation Project.

It's a delightful outdoor patio area for Dipours and Dippets.

Some of our friends use it for barbecues and/or a 'smokin' area.

 Mud Honey Garden.

by Steve Spickard aka
Smilin' Jack. Above link is to my home page.

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