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RELEASE DATE:   October 6, 2001

DALE STROM (509-926-2448 home)

RAWK WEB SITE:  www.rawkonline.com
NON-PERISHABLE WEB SITE:  www.dork.com/nonperishable
FIGHTING JACKS WEB SITE:  www.fightingjacks.com
SLOE WEB SITE:  www.sloemusic.com



RAWK the Inland Northwest, a nonprofit organization based in Spokane,
Washington, announces that it will host an all-ages concert, on Friday,
October 26, 2001, at the Big Dipper, Second and Washington, in downtown
Spokane.  Doors open at 6:15 PM, with the show starting at 7:00 PM, and
ending around 10:30 PM.  Tickets are $5, and available only at the door.

Headlining is NON-PERISHABLE, a local band playing for the third time at a
RAWK show.  They gained valuable experience by participating in this year's
Bobfest.  Non-Perishable has played a number of other shows around the area
this year.  Drummer Nick Treadwell (928-0648) says that the 3-piece (with
other members Adam Willmschen and John Balazs) has been moving away from a
strictly punk sound and into post-punk rock.  The band is hoping to record
their first CD in the next few months.

RAWK is pleased to present the FIGHTING JACKS, making their first appearance
in Spokane.  This San Jose, California band was originally a side project of
FREETO BOAT, a band which broke up last year after one founding member left.
The Fighting Jacks recorded an EP entitled The Inside Trade Agreement in
November 2000.  Band leader Cory Linstrum (408-264-9842 or 408-529-2097) says
that this is an "aggressive rock and roll" album dealing with topics of
compromise and the influence of society.  The Fighting Jacks made a big
impression at Tomfest 2001 in Stevenson, WA.  We believe this will be one of
the more interesting and talented "unknowns" to play a RAWK show.  We expect
they will impress a lot of people the way REDLINE did in our recent show.
Check out sound samples on their web site (www.fightingjacks.com).

The second band up will be SLOE, another San Jose band touring with the
FIGHTING JACKS.  Sloe is a four-piece formed in 1994.  Their experience
shows, as can be heard on sound samples on their website (www.sloemusic.com).
 Sloe contact Eric Powers (408-439-1914) says that their music has been
compared to bands like Drive Like Jehu, Samiam, and Fugazi.  They have shared
a stage with national acts such as Blink 182, Failure, Smashmouth, No Use For
A Name, and many others.  Sloe is signed to Sessions Records.

Opening on this night is the young band NAMESAKE.  This band has been
together since 1999, formerly performing under the name The Persecuted.  This
will be their first appearance at the Big Dipper.  Band leader James St.
Clair (359-2923) says this "rock punk" band has one member currently
attending a Bible college in Ohio, but has been working new material as a
three-piece.  Two of the members are attending EWU, and the other is still at
Jenkins HS in Chewelah.

Enjoy the show.  RAWK expects this to be a great ride for a mere $5.

fly in and catch this show

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