RAWK .........................      the Inland Northwest
All-ages concert 
Tuesday,  October 30, 2001 
RELEASE DATE:   October 16

    MYK CRAWFORD (509-359-7242)
    DALE STROM (509-926-2448 home) 

RAWK WEB SITE:  www.rawkonline.com
ZAO: www.solidstaterecords.com/bands/zao/
FAIRWEATHER: www.equalvision.com/bands/fairweather.html
SPOKEN: www.spokenmusic.com
ELDERSTAAR: www.elderstaar.com

RAWK the Inland Northwest, a nonprofit organization based in Spokane,
Washington, announces that it will host an all-ages concert, on Tuesday,
October 30, 2001, at the Big Dipper, Second and Washington, in downtown
Spokane.  Doors open at 6:15 PM, with the show starting at 7:00 PM, and
ending around 10:30 PM.  Tickets are $13, and available only at the door.

After a couple of weeks of uncertainty, and rumored cancellation (not true!)
ZAO, on Seattle's SOLID STATE RECORDS is coming back to Spokane for only the
2nd time in their near legendary hardcore career. The first time, in April,
drew the biggest crowd yet to attend a RAWK show.  Since their latest release
in the spring of 2001, ZAO has been touring incessantly. Zao is a band in an
incredibly unique position- a band that has clearly been inspired over the
years, yet continues to inspire others themselves. That Zao has soaked up an
incredible amount of eclectic influences, from metal, punk, and hardcore, to
straightforward hard rock, glistening pop and bits of electronica is not that
unusual, considering the amount of music readily available today. Drummer
Jesse Smith, guitarist Scott Mellinger, bassist Rob Horner and vocalist Corey
Darst have survived the type of rigorous touring, incessant scene gossip and
lineup changes that can decimate lesser acts. (from SolidState website)

Since the winter of 2000, the members of  FAIRWEATHER  have sought to create
songs which convey what they believe are the essential elements of music:
energy and passion. Fairweather recorded their demo in January of 2000, and
since then the DC area five-piece has been playing continuously up and down
the east coast, as well as into the midwest, building a strong fan base.
Drawn from musical influences such as The Cure, Sunny Day Real Estate and
Lifetime, Fairweather's first full-length, "if they move...kill them," is
filled with explosive energy and powerful melody. It was recorded by Brian
McTernan at Salad Days studios in Washington, DC. The powerful production
quality, combined with the energy inherent in the songs, creates a record
filled with those two essential musical elements: energy and passion. (from
Equal Vision website)

SPOKEN plays an average of over 200 shows and festivals annually. Those of
you that have seen Spoken live, know that their energy and fire in
performance is as strong as the message they deliver. Upon debating over a
band to grace the cover of an upcoming HM Magazine issue, editor Doug Van
Pelt states, "And then we found out Spoken had their latest (album) coming
out around this time. These guys are so good live, and have such open hearts
for people and their calling. It seemed like the right time to give them
their due." Spoken has had the honor to play with some of the hardest hitting
bands in modern music such as POD, Project 86, Stavesacre and even tore up
the stage with veteran rockers, Quiet Riot! These are all just minor things
to Spoken. The band sees themselves as just five guys blessed to do what they
love to do best. Upon spending time with Spoken, you will get to see a
genuine, down-to-earth group of guys that just like to be themselves.  Spoken
was a big hit at the Big Dipper just a month ago, and are driving 1000 miles
from Manitoba just for this show, prior to their next gig in North Dakota.
RAWK loves their professionalism.

For the second month in a row, ELDERSTAAR is SpokaneBands.com band of the
month. They barely nudged out Five Foot Thick and Upper Class Racket in the
current voting, beating both by a mere eight votes. With an ever-progressing
live show with an anything-goes attitude, ELDERSTAAR has made themselves into
Spokane's top hard-music band and will turn this show into a frenzied pit of

Big show, dudes.

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