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Request funds from a client
Accept Donations
Sell on the net -- preferred system on ebay on small sites
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You may receive any amount of money. You must provide a credit or debit card account to receive money. To send money, you need to give PayPal your checking account number. You may set up a debit account and use atm machines to access your cash, electronic transfers etc. Simple straight forward services. UHC has been a member since February 27, 2000 and has had no problem with them.

Join PayPal and/or rent the Big Dipper by following this link.

Using this link, $5 is credited to your account. After a while, so will ours. We'll think of something cool for you at your event

To rent the Big Dipper:

Your account # is  AOK.
Chose the amount you wish to charge. Use PayPal to send us $100 to hold the date or the $400 or $500.

We do hold dates without deposits until someone inquires about the date, then we will call or email. Check the calendar. It's possible someone has asked for the date so email me steves@iea.com or call 509-747-8036.

Or mail a check to:

The Big Dipper
c/o UHC
918 S. Cedar
Spokane, WA 99204


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