RAWK the Inland Northwest

RAWK the Inland Northwest is a non-profit corporation located in Spokane, Washington.  It was created in the year 2000 to serve the youth of this area through Christian love, expressed in very contemporary music and other artistic forms.  RAWK serves as the organizer/promoter of such outreach events, and as a unifying agent in the local Body of Christ.

The forms of music supported by RAWK are the very contemporary forms not usually identified with the church.  These include punk, hardcore, rap and rapcore, emo, metal, and other modern forms.  RAWK supports Christian bands playing these forms of music, and provides outreach to, and inclusion of, non-Christian bands willing to provide music and entertainment appropriate to "all-ages" crowds.  RAWK believes that the local live music scene for younger audiences has been very weak, and that music is a vehicle for relationship-building and positive influences.  RAWK believes that Satan must leave anything that the Holy Spirit enters into.

Some members of the Board of Directors of RAWK (from many different denominational backgrounds) have been involved with underground Christian music for some time, with most of those shows occurring in local churches.  In 2000, RAWK began conducting its shows in a neutral setting, by leasing the Big Dipper in Downtown Spokane for an ongoing series of concerts featuring both local and national touring bands.  RAWK has worked to build relationships with local media and other elements of the local music scene.


· Pray for this initiative, and each person who attends the shows
· Help promote the shows among acquaintances
· Finance the purchase of new sound equipment, or help repair existing equipment
· Volunteer to run the sound board
· Assist with payment of City Admissions Tax
· Donation of food/soft drinks for the bands to eat the night of the show
· Underwrite the cost of renting the venue
· Print the flyers needed for each show
· Post reviews of our shows on secular music web sites or in print media
· Provide ideas for improvement in our vision and operations

 RAWK Board of Directors

· Kellie Arment
· Mike Barrow
· Mike Crawford
· Dave Crume
· Derek Cutlip
· Cassie Gibbons
· Brian Golly
· Cory James
· Herb Landis
· Keith Mayfield
· Koal Mulvihill
· Dale Strom

Ex-officio member:    John Tusant

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