Agreement For Private Events
(See to book the Dipper for public events)

Whereas Select Realty Inc. provides a facility, The Big Dipper, herein called the “Club” and:

Whereas __________________________________________  , herein called the “Client” wishes to use it on the ___________ day of  ______________________________, 200__.

The following is agreed:

1. The Client agrees to rent the facility for ________________ .  ($275 Sunday through Thursday or $375 Friday and Saturday. Certain holidays are more.)

2. In addition to the rental fee, the Client agrees to post a deposit of $150. (Applicable only to first time clients if required by management.)

3. In the event the Client uses the facility for a public event: He will book the event through RAWK. See If he does he is responsible as follows:

4. The Client agrees to pay to the City of Spokane 5% of the gross of any ticket sales.

5. The Client shall be given the balance of the money after the event if there is no damage.

6. Unless agreed to by Club and Management of the Downtowner Motel, all live music shall cease by 10:30 PM.

7. The Client may sell product. e.g. CDs, T-shirts, non-alcoholic beverages and food. Taxes on said sales shall be the responsibility of the Client.

8. The Client may not charge admission and allow drinking of alcoholic beverages. (Alcohol may be consumed ONLY at private events by individuals over the age of 21 IF the Client secures a Banquet License from the Liquor Control Board.)

9. If the Client is charging admission and the facility will be open to the general public, he must have a vendor's license, a city business license, or is a non-profit charitable organization.

10. At the Client's request, this event may be posted on the Large Ladle web site as:_____________________________________________________.

Received _________________ as ___________________ and agreed to this _____________ day of ___________________, 200__

For Select Realty Inc. _______________________________________________

For the Client  (Print) __________________________________ (Sig)  _____________________________________

Phone ______________________ (ID) ________________________________ (email) _____________________________

(Web site) ___________________________________

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