The First Anniversary show for RAWK will be held on 9/22 at the Big Dipper
(we started last year on this weekend).  The show will be headlined by Broken
Paradox of Colville.  They have continued to mature in their unique style.
Two bands from Portland, Oregon are coming up to provide some of that
Portland independent style.  One of these, PDEX, played a solid show with Not
Long After last year, and gained a number of admirers.  Their friends from
the band Oliver will make their first appearance.  This experimental band
will provide a unique "Weezer-esque emo" sound for your enjoyment.  Valley
favorites Two Copper round out the bill.  Two Copper has been drawing
critical acclaim for both their amplified and acoustic work.  The show is
priced at a low $5, as an anniversary present from us to you.  We hope to
draw a good crowd, so that we can pay the Portland bands a decent stipend for
their trip up.  Doors open at 6:15 for this 7 PM show.


Our second show is a monster, featuring two of the better bands which
appeared at the Big Dipper last season - Spoken (from Arkansas) and Redline
(from Tennessee).  Spoken's 2000 album Echoes of the Past Still Dwell was a
critical success, and a major breakthrough for this hardworking band.
Redline has developed a solid fan base, and achieved a college radio hit
single with "Greenland."  Both bands feature tremendous vocals.  These bands
will be joined by local hardcore band Neither Be Afraid, which has blossomed
in a short time.  The young band Nexus, which has appeared in the last two
Bobfests, is making it's RAWK show debut.  This show is priced at $8 (at the
door), and begins at 7 PM at the Big Dipper (doors at 6:15).

Dale Strom

"Sing aloud to God our strength;
Make a joyful shout to the God of Jacob."
Ps 81:1

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