Show canceled unless Select Realty Inc. has correct licensing by tenant and his account is current.

What follows is a scanned copy of our agreement with Mr. Derek Almond,
allegations of culpability, an accounting of rent payments and an application for a Cabaret License.

Mr. Almond is in violation of the 3rd paragraph as:
Rentals were to be paid within 24 hours of an event. No cash or checks have been paid by Mr. Almond.

Mr. Almond is in violation of the 5th paragraph as:
He has never done any cleaning, beyond picking up a minor amount of waste.

Mr. Almond is in violation of the 6th paragraph as:
We have never seen nor do we know of any C.O.P. shop volunteer invited or attending any event hosted by Mr. Almond.

Mr. Almond is in violation of the 7th paragraph as:
He turned over the club to the Local Planet and left before the event was over. The keys were given to the promoter.
Thus not providing security after the event. We were fortunate to have been there and the keys are now with Select Realty.

Mr. Almond is in violation of the 9th paragraph as:
He failed to secure the correct level of Cabaret License.
At this writing (8/28/2002) even the incorrect license is not posted.

Mr. Almond is in violation of the 19th paragraph as:
He is using a area for which he did not bargain. Essentially trespassing.



    Here is a record of Mr. Almonds payments. We credited his account with $100 for his help in setting up the sound for the reception. The funds for the Local Planet event was paid directly by the the promoter, Jeremy Hadley. Thus in the entire agreement, Mr. Almond has failed to pay any amount as agreed in the above contract. *As for the 8/12/2002 event Mr. Almond indicated that he grossed over $600. Later he denied that the event grossed that much. Based on our experience we believe he lied. In any event, he owes the Select $300. If he told the truth it, should be about $500.
    Date Reference Charges Credits Balance
    8/7/2002 Seizures $100
    8/8/2002 Veronica $100
    8/9/2002 Agreement $100
    8/10/2002 Wedding Receipt. $100
    8/12/2002 Jason Webley* $100
    8/21/2001 Local Planet $150 $150 $300

    Mr. Almond has indicated he will be moving to another venue.
    However, he has indicated he would stage the following events at the Big Dipper.
    He has told the promoters and artists they should make all financial arrangements with us.
    As we understand the code, the facility must have a full Cabaret License.
    If, in fact, Mr. Almond has the correct license and he posts it, or we are issued the Correct License, we can allow these events..

    August 30, 2002 -- Tree Huggers
    August 31, 2002 -- Bad Ride -- Toby
    September 8, 2002 -- Megan's Rock Show
    September 13, 2002 -- Descent's CD Release Party
    September 14, 2002 -- A RAWK Show

    We propose the forgoing events be staged with a volunteer from the Spokane C.O.P.s present.

    We want to accommodate the general public and provide a safe environment to use this "metro-grange hall".
    However, given the forgoing,  his impaired reputation, and his movement to another venue, we cannot work with Mr. Almond.

    Thus, we respectfully request a full Cabaret License be issued to Select Realty Inc., registered and currently paying sales and real estate taxes in Spokane and Spokane County.

    If you find this arrangement awkward or somehow not in the spirit of the law, please approve a Cabaret License for a RAWK representative.

    Sincerely yours,

    Steve Spickard
    President, Select Realty Inc.