Spokane, Washington - November 16, 1996

It's Steve Esch's 40th Birthday. Closest friends come to celebrate. Pan, Tim, Julie, Paula and Wes come in about noon and deck out the joint. Steve's Halloween costume, a chic black teddy draped on a lovely blond mannequin, lures the deranged.
Tim and Julie matched up Pam and Steve. They be happy.

Misspent Youth set the tone. Jack, Scott, Tom, John, Bruce and Jenna cruised with classic covers. Steve's an all right guy was the theme and dancin' was in vogue. Jenna doin' her Marilyn Monroe wishi Steve a "Happy Birthday Mr. Esch."

Here's some notes from Steve's well wishin' pals. Let's look em over. 

Hi! I'm Bambi. Want to pick me up? You already did. Now put me down and go away. Happy 40th Birthday, Rob, Barb, Bob, and Karen

You're 40! Time to offer you the traditional Hawaiian wish... "May your coconuts never hang lower than your grass skirt." Happy Birthday .. Love ya man! Shane and Julie.

I was going to get you one of these for your birthday suit, but silly me! I forgot your size! Happy Birthday. Hey big guy! Come see me later for your present. Love Butch 'heart'

You're 40! Do something that brings back memories of your wild youth! Steve! Play an Album! Party hardy! Warren, Tere & Jason p.s. Jason said, "What's an album?" p.p.s. Jason said, "Who's Steve?"

"On your birthday I'd like to make a toast to your youth!" Or would you rather not bring up the past?" Card included an add for an electric scooter. The "Rascal Scooter" for the infirm. The inscription reads: Happy Birthday. Thought you could use this soon. Del & Dwyllis

A Birthday is like a belly button...everybody has one, but who needs it anymore?! I think mine keeps my butt screwed on. Steve, A little something to help out with the "household chores." Happy Birthday Jeff and Sharon

If life begins at 40 ... Does this mean you have to go through puberty again?!! But, did you ever leave it Steve? Have a good one, you'll never be old! Dan & Rita

EEEK! There they are .... the first signs of old age! Thinning Hair line, expanding waist line diminishing sex drive, and crow's feet. Have a good one. Richard, JoAnne, & Brianna

Todd Vercoe dropped down to check out our high end web facilitation plant (a killer Zenith minisport 80C88 rippin’ at 8MHz, wheelin' a DOS version of Word Perfect viewed on an IBM RGB CRT) and wished Steve another happy 40.

5 Stages of turning 40.
1. Denial "There's no may I'm turning 40!"
2. Resistance "I refuse to turn 40!"
3. Disbelief "I can't believe I'm turning 40!"
4. Panic "AAAAAAAGH! I'm turning 40!"
5. Acceptance "So I'm 40 ... screw it .... Let's party!"
Hope the 2nd 40 are as good as the first.
Happy Birthday -- Wes & Paula

Yo, Steve, remember that time when Misspent youth's Tee for the event said it all:

10. If you drink 36 gin and tonics before running Bloomsday, don't pass out on your deck in the snow.
9. Topless bowling and belly bucking, DON'T MIX.
8. Don't come home with a new tattoo on your derriere!!
7. Sking with broken ski poles can be very painful.
6. Jim Reaper!! Need I say more?
5. Don't ever mix alcohol with dairy products ... it could be an ERUPTING rocket fueled experience!
4. Don't ever let men with handcuffs hit on you, even if they are impressed with your dance moves on the bar!
3. Protect your beer and your chest when golfing with Warren...the man can't drive a cart!!
2. Olympic bobsledding without the bobsled is very DANGEROUS AND HARD on your shoes!
1. If your wife says you look like Barbie Benton DON'T BELIEVE HER!

It's now 3:30 Sunday. Special thanks to Steve, Pam, Tim and Julie for putting the club back together. We did it in an hour. Cool.

Thanks for the memories,

sj  i.e.smilin' jack. also:  sj: )
Steve Spickard

p.s. Joe, thanks for the dance.

p.p.s. Pam, the cake was great.

p.p.p.s. Here's a little cyber flower in thanks for using the Dipper.