$500 a month for what?

While not legally it's responsibility, UHC complies with a request from the City to collect admissions tax.

Before an ticketed event, Promoters are required to make a deposit to cover the city admissions tax. At the end of event the Promoter declares the amount of gross. 5% of gross is held in trust by UHC until the 15th of every other month. We collected for the city about $3,600.

Select Real Estate Tax for 2002: $1,412.19

Income from the rental of the facility is subject of State Sales Tax. UHC rental income for 2001 was $12,580 resulting in a liability of   $1018.98.
This was paid.

The city gets a direct share of  $201.28

Thus in 2001, our administration created a direct cash follow to the city: $3,600 + $1,412.19 + $201.28 = About $5000 and about $800 to the State of Washington.