Select Realty
918 S. Cedar
Spokane, WA

(509) 747-5745
(509) 280-1904

October 15, 2007
Officer Max Hewitt
Special Police Problems
Spokane Police Department
1100 W. Mallon Avenue
Spokane, Washington 99260

RE: Licensing The Big Dipper 171 S. Washington, Spokane WA. 99204

Dear Officer Hewitt,

We have complied with the requests of the fire, building and electrical building inspectors’ requirements.

In order to limit the events that may require police intervention, we are requiring individuals or organizations who want to rent the facility to fill out an “Application to Rent” form. This form requires one or more individual/s to be liable for the event. His/her Driver’s License/s, address, and phone numbers is noted on the form. We require this information be written on the form. Individuals filling out the form will be checked to see if there could be a problem.

We will not commit to rent until the individual or organization has been approved. If you wish us to forward suspicious ‘gang’ application to rent forms, we will be happy to comply.

In the past, some of the people who wanted to rent the club lied to us. We would tell them of the rules: No alcohol at public events. No one under 21 may drink at any event. Banquet licenses for private parties must be secured. They would then ignore the rules.

Filling out the “Application to Rent” form will give us time to analyze the proposed event and make an intelligent decision as to the true intent of the client.

When applicable, Banquet Licenses must be secured at least 3 days prior to the event.  We will continue to inform WSLCB of these events. By having the permits within three days, WSLCB will have another way of knowing when alcohol will be on the premises.

We will continue to require 2 identifiable Security Personnel at each private event.

As you pointed out, Select Realty Inc. did not have the correct City business license. We will secure the correct license and make certain the licensing department knows we operate an event facility and not a sales organization.

Select Realty is not now applying for a Cabaret license. We would like to work with RAWK and let them run their shows and user shows through our building. We prefer to do just private events. E.g. Jessica Smith and her fiancé want to have their wedding reception at the Dipper on November 10th, 2007.

Our relationship with RAWK has been without issue. They have always been honorable and reliable. They are a non-profit Christian based organization bringing Christian rock to the Spokane community and giving high school bands an opportunity to perform. At the helm of RAWK is Dale Strom, city employee with Community Development and Herb Landis, an attorney. Usually they book and promote their own shows. Sometimes they allow individual promoters to use their facility, sound, and lighting systems. We call these events “user agreements”.

To my knowledge, the user agreement incident on June 30th 2007 was the first time there was alcohol at a RAWK user public event. This was clearly not allowed. The promoters brought it in without the permission of RAWK. Select Realty did not have control of that event.

To learn more of RAWK visit:

RAWK promotes events at The Service Station and Empyrean. If you check with those venues, you will probably find there have been little or no problems with RAWK events.
To the best of my knowledge, the June 30th 2007 RAWK event was the only one where there was police involvement.

In order to make certain the private events are within the confines of the law we could require the security personnel be from a security firm, off duty police officers, members of a COP shop. My feeling is this may be a bit of overkill. Are there security firms the department can recommend?

Could you please approve this as soon as possible? Jessica and Bryan need to know if they can have the November 10th wedding reception there, so they can send out the invitations.


Steve Spickard

Cc: Chief Anne E. Kirkpatrick