Rose Bouche's daughter,
Catherine Nan Provost
was born
April 18, 1917 and
passed away.
November 26, 2005

Pictured below are Louise Matzner (Lawrence's Neice), Mike Provost holding a grandchild by one of his daughters; Stepanie or Jenifer.
That's Billy right of Mike. His son Justin, is 15 and pictured right of Billy. Another Provost Neice, Pauline Cullison,  rounds out the group.

What follows is the Homily given by Father Tom Connolly
at the Holy Family Catholic Church, Clarkston Washington.
Funeral Homily
Catherine Provost
Wis. 3:1-6,9; 1 Thes. 4:13-18; ~TN 12:13-18

When I die, give what is left of me to children. If you need to cry, cry

for your brothers and sisters walking beside you.

Put your arms around anyone and give them what you need to give me. I

want to leave you with something, something better than words or sounds.

Look for me in the people I have known and loved.

And if you cannot live without me, then let me live on in your eyes, your

mind and your acts of kindness.

You can love me most by letting hands touch hands and letting go of

children that need to be free.

Love does not die, people do. So when all that is left of me is love... Give

me away.

I start this homily with this poem, because from what I have been told

about Catherine these words seem to truly epitomize her. I guess you could

say that Catherine was a simple lady who lived her life loving, and giving to

the people who were important to her, and I am sure she would want us to

continue following her example.

We come here today not to mourn the passing of Catherine Nan

Provost, a mother, sister, grand mother, great grand mother, sister-in-law,

aunt, teacher, and friend but to celebrate her life. A life that most assuredly

 continues on, not here with us in this material existence, but a life that

continues on at a much higher and more joyful realm. A realm where

Catherine's illness, and the challenges it brought her no longer holds her

captive. A realm where her love for all will continue on, a realm where she

will be with you where ever you are.

Catherine's love for life was made known through her love for her

husband of 50 years Lawrence, and their two sons, William and Michael.

This love also extended to her grandchildren, Jennifer, Stephanie, Justine,

Ryan and Kayla and continued with her two great grandsons, Orion (oryan)

and Liam and her great granddaughter even though she may not have been

totally aware that she was on her way. It also included her sister Toni and

her life long friends Marvin and Dorothy. And went to all the friends ofher

children and grand children who called her grandma, and finally to all the

students she ever had.

Catherine started life on April 18, 1917 in Butte Montana, being born

to John and Rose Koppes. The family made their way to Asotin, and

Catherine would attend high school there, before going off to college

attending both Eastern Washington University and Washington State.

Receiving a degree in education. Following college Catherine's parents sent

 her to California to stay with her sister Toni whose husband was in the

military and had to go to war.

Catherine would return home from California and pick up where she

had left off. She wanted to teach and she found a job doing just that with in

the Peola School District, and then the Garfield School District. Finally she

was hired by the Tammany School District. She taught for over thirty years

most ofthe time in third grade but she also taught fourth grade as well.

Catherine loved every moment of it. Some of Catherine's greatest pleasures

came from meeting former students while she was out shopping, she was

always glad to see them.

In 1954 Catherine was set up on a blind date with a young man from

Lewiston named Lawrence Provost and they hit it off right away. Shortly

after meeting Lawrence asked Catherine if she wanted to marry him, and she

replied when in three weeks. He was thinking more along the lines of six

months, but three weeks later they drove up to Moscow in Catherine's car

and were married. There was nothing that Lawrence would not do for

Catherine he was so in love with her and she with him. In fact I understand

they loved each other just as much when they were in their eighties as they

did the day they were married. Even when Catherine became ill Lawrence

took care of her at home as long as he could. He said a sick wife was better

 than no wife at all. This was true love. On September 18, 2004 they

celebrated their 50" wedding anniversary and had a great day, but sadly this

would also be the beginning of the end.

Now if Lawrence was Catherine's world than Bill and Michael were

the center ofthat world. She loved her sons. I understand that once

Lawrence and Catherine bought a horse and a man came up to them and told

them that the horse would kill Bill. Well they had bought the horse already

and so they took it home. Lawrence had to go to work so he told Catherine

not to let Bill near the horse until he got home from work. Well no sooner

had he left for work than Catherine had the horse saddled up and Bill upon

it. Catherine had Bill riding the horse in no time and he continued to ride it

around the house until his dad came home from work. But you see

Catherine loved animals especially horses, and she loved to ride. She would

never do anything to hurt her son but she knew horses and was not afraid of

working with them with her son. Whenever she got the chance she would go

out riding, she also loved being able to go riding with Lawrence.

Catherine was also quite the painter, she loved to paint and from the

sounds ofit there was no subject matter that she would not attempt to paint.

On one occasion the family took a trip to the Glacier National Park and

Catherine took a picture ofthe Highway ofthe Sun. Well when she got

 home and had the picture developed she decided to use it as one ofher

subjects and painted a picture ofthe Highway ofthe Sun. She also used

photos she took on trips to the Oregon coast as subject matter for her

seascapes. With painting Catherine knew she had been given a gift and also

she knew how to use it.

Catherine as you know was a Catholic and she was always a very faith

filled woman. She was a member ofthe Catholic Daughters and loved

attending their meetings as she did the Bible study group that she belonged

to. You know there were many things that Catherine did that made her

special and the life she lived extraordinary, but it is her ability to love and

care for people that truly stand out. This love was a true and pure imitation

of God's love for her. It is the promised salvation of which we heard about

in the First Reading from the Book of Wisdom: "Those who trust in Him

shall understand truth, and the faithful shall abide with Him in love." It is

through and with this love that Catherine has achieved the promised

salvation of Heaven. Salvation that Jesus Christ won for each one of us

through His suffering and death upon the cross for our sins.

I believe that Catherine knew what it meant to walk by faith, and even

in these last years when she was trapped inside this body unable to truly

communicate as Alzheimer's rob her ofthis ability and things really became

 more difficult for her. I am sure that she never gave up her hope and faith in

God. That's why Catherine's life so clearly reflects the second reading from

Paul's first Letter to the Thessalonians. As a life long Catholic Catherine

had a very strong and firm relationship with God. 'VVhich throughout her life

only grew stronger. She knew hope in her life, the hope that had been

promised to her as a child of God. Catherine understood and believed: "That

Jesus died and rose, and so too will God, through Jesus, bring with him

those who have fallen asleep." You see my brothers and sisters Catherine

was not afraid to fall asleep, for she knew that she would always be with the

Lord. For it is as we heard in the Gospel from St. John: "Whoever serves

me must follow me, and where I am, there also will my servant be."

Catherine is that grain ofwheat which has fallen to the ground and died, and

has produced much fruit.

She knew what it was to have the newness oflife in Jesus Christ, and

she was willing to be united with Christ in His death so that she could also

be united to Him in His resurrection. In her resurrection Catherine has

overcome Alzheimer's; for she has won her battle and no longer has to fight

the pains and sufferings she knew on earth for it has passed away.

It may seem difficult to fully grasp but I believe that Catherine was

living in union with Christ as she willingly accepted the pains and struggles

 of her life with joy for love of Christ. Just as Christ had willingly taken the

cross upon His shoulders and carried it to Calvary to be crucified and die

upon it for Catherine. So to could Catherine take her pains and struggles for

love of Jesus Christ. It is in her being united to Christ so closely in this

relationship that her life truly became an imitation of Christ life and love.

Even though we know within our hearts that Catherine is in a better

place free finally ofher human pains and sufferings, we ourselves may still

be filled with pain and sorrow because ofher passing. But let us realize that

God is with us through it all. That is why the Pascal Candle stands here next

to the Catherine's casket, to remind us of God's undying presence among us,

and Christ victory over sin and death. As we celebrate Catherine's life we

bring into this ceremony several symbols that give us cause for

remembrance. As I started this service I sprinkled Catherine's casket with

Holy Water to remind us of her baptism. Her sons then placed a white Pall

over the casket to remind us ofher baptismal clothes. It is also more

importantly to remind us that in God eyes we are all equal. A crucifix has

been placed on the casket to remind us that in Baptism Catherine was

marked with the sign ofher faith, it is through Jesus' suffering on the cross

that our sins have been forgiven, and through His resurrection our promised

resurrection on the last day. Later in this service I will incense Catherine's

 Casket as a sign of our prayers rising up to the throne of God on her behalf.

And also more importantly to recall that as a child of God, Catherine's body

was also a temple ofthe Lord. So you see we have not come here today to

mourn Catherine's passing but to celebrate her life. A life that has been

lived and a life that has been entered into. A life that has been guaranteed to

her and to each of us through the joyous victory Jesus won over death, by

His glorious resurrection. As baptized children of God we share in that


In faith then let us give thanks to God for the life, which He had given

to us and which has now returned to Him. As we now prepare to celebrate

the Holy Eucharist here upon the altar of the lord let us remember that it is

Jesus Christ who life, death and resurrection we celebrate. And it is Jesus

Christ who has lead Catherine to the Eternal Banquet in Heaven and we pray

that one-day we will be reunited with her there. Until that time though let us

recall all the joy and happiness and love Catherine filled our lives with.

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