Jim, his brothers and I lived in Taipei during the '60s. He was a bit older than me.

Here he is as a translator for the US embassy in Taiwan.

He changed his name to J. Bryan Kinsel after a stint at Pan Am Flight School in the early '70's.
My brother J. Bryan Kinsel was an actor in Hollywood.  He appeared in Throw Momma Off  The Train,  Sins of the Mother (a movie based on real life chapter in the history of  Spokane's South Hill Rapist Kevin Coe),   Moonwalker,  etc.  Here is his 1979 Lola Hallowell model and talent agency resume.

J. Bryan Kinsel
Height: 5' 11" Chest: 36
Weight: 145 Waist: 30
Hair: Brown Inseam: 33
Eyes: Hazel Shoe: 101/2D
Suit: 38R Hat: 71/4
Shirt: 151/2/33

   Training; Seattle Central Community College and University of Miami, (Florida), Modeling School, Coral Gabels, Florida) I U.S. Air Force, Aural Mandarin Course, (Chinese), Monterey, California, Pacific Floral Institute, Seattle.

Experience-, "Lullaby", "Finnianís Rainbow", "The Music Man".

  Talent; Languages - speaks and writes - Mandarin Chinese, Ameslan, (American Sign Language of the Deaf), French, Japanese.  Zen Meditation, Yoga, singing, public speaking, good with children.

                    Hobbies; ceramics, (both slip-castedd and hand-thrown), writes short stories, poetry and newspaper expository.

Sports; jogging, soccer, volleyball and does a mean push-up.