States of Life





Biogenic state - Life is bursting forth. read: eat sprouts -  Sprouting wheat: vitamin E increases 300%, C increases 600% and A at least doubles. note these are the ACE antioxidants. Different seeds will yield different and amazing increases. Here's more info: "Love The Sunshine In With Sprouts."

Bioactive state - Life is maintaining and growing at a reduced rate: read: eat unprocessed growing food, carrots, lettuce, raw fruits --etc.

Biostatic state Life is suspended: read: there is not much life here read: eat some.

Biocidic state -  That which held life, is in a state of decay or has been fractionalized. e.g. sugar ... it takes 2 feet of sugar cane to make a tablespoon of refined sugar. The human body/conditon has been in a hunt/gather/eat/now/quick journey until the most recent moments of it's existence. How does anyone expect to survive the assault of processed food on their individual body? read: eat none

biogenic good
biocidic bad
eat life, live
eat death, die

Biogenics has its roots is the careful observation and study of ancient spiritual concepts by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. To order his books see me

His translation of the Essene Gospel of Peace is one this site.

Janaka and Sita brought this work here. They inspired the construction of the pysical center.

To read about Janaka's and Sita's practical advice on Biogenic Dinning visit:
Love The Sunshine In With Sprouts