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February 24-25 - Yoga Workshop with Judith Lasiter
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Additional Yoga Information

About Hatha Yoga - Hatha Yoga is an ancient practice for creating unity between the body, mind and spirit. Using traditional postures and stretches, in the lyengar style, we focus on total body movement, with attention to alignment, strength and flexibility. Integrated breathing and a quiet, focused mind facilitate this process, and promote stability and serenity that affects every aspect of our lives.

The Instructors

About Alison Rubin - I have practiced Yoga for 28 years and I've taught for 16. I love practicing and teaching Yoga, and continue my own study and practice with leading instructors from around the world. I look forward to sharing with you. To contact me for further information or questions, call (509) 824-9354.  or   email:

About Linda Stejskal - Linda has practiced Yoga for 28 years and started teaching in 1999. She is an excellent teacher, her style reflecting her strong warm and deeply compassionate nature. Linda is a wonderful addition to Harmony Yoga an gets rave reviews from her students!

Brit Penberthy - Brit has practiced Yoga for 10 years and recently received her teaching certificate. She brings her love and commitment to her Yoga teaching.
We welcome Brit and all that she offers.

Levels - 4 levels are offered, following are the descriptions:

Beginning - Level I  Classes introduce the student to the basics of yoga... stretching the hamstrings, hips, shoulders and spine, with focus on the standing poses. Students can expect to be in this class for 3 -12 months.

Intermediate - Beginning Level 2 classes are for students newly moving up from Level 1. Focus is on refinement of the basics, and introduction to revolved standing poses, inversions, deeper backbends and other more advanced poses. We slowly learn and integrate the 2nd level poses, gaining confidence to move up to the next level. Students can expect to be in these class for 3 - 6 months

Intermediate - Ongoing Level 2 classes are for those students familiar with and ready to refine the 2nd level poses. We move faster, hold poses longer and learn more challenging poses than Beginning Level 2. Students can expect to be in this class for up to two years.

Advanced  - Level 3 classes are offered to students having practiced Iyengar Yoga for a minimum of 2 tears and who are ready to move into a deeper, more refined practice. Emphasis will be on holding poses for longer periods of time, learning more advanced variations of poses, pushing up into full back bend and refining inversions.

Mixed Level - Classes are designed to accommodate students of different levels. We will move at a pace suitable for all present.

Individual Sessions - In these 2 hr sessions, Alison will assess your individual needs, and design a personalized yoga routine for your home practice. Cost - $75 (includes typed routine with diagrams). Please call for an appointment.

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