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918 S. Cedar
Spokane, WA
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    Nizana T'ia Chi


The Center is a meeting place to teach the truths of light and love. It was dedicated the 4th of May 1985 by Raghava Janaka Ananda. The written Dedication on the wall outside the entrance follows:


We, on this day, Saturday, the forth of May, 1985 being of universal heart consciousness, dedicate this center known as

The Universal Heart Center at the Cedar Manor located at S. 918 Cedar, Spokane, Washington

May the universal God/Goddess of Light give forever blessing to this location and building. Let universal love now enter and remain forever within its portals. May all humans forever receive this same love energy who arrive here in purpose of the divine services. OM.

May its service to man be known far and wide as the divine symbol, a meeting place of light and love. May it forever be protected from all energies opposing the truth. May the directors procure the finest of hearts and minds to teach the truth of light and love. May all services be opened with a moment of meditation in dedication to the divine. OM.

I, Raghava Janaka Ananda, dedicate this holy shrine in conjunction with all holy places on our beautiful and loving earth. 

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