This is a movement course designed to improve range of motion, strength and
flexibility. Breath work, self massage and stretching create a balance to the
strengthening series.

Emphasis on mindfulness, alignment and gravitational and energetic balance
enhance awareness of the body in stillness and movement. Improvements will be
noticed in effectiveness of movement, balance of form, flow of energy and physical
force benefiting and enhancing the endocrine, circulatory, visceral, nervous and

This work can bring the mover to greater self discovery and mindfulness.

Bring a pillow, blanket, comfortable loose clothing, water, strap and lotion.

Arrival 10 minutes early to prepare for class is advised, encouraged and appreciated.
If you must unavoidably arrive late kindly enter with a mind to the work in progress.

Class Schedule
Wednesday              8:30-10:00 am   304 W. 7th
Friday                 8:30-10:00 am   304 W. 7th
Saturday        8:30-10:00 am    918 S. Cedar

8 Week Session
1 class $76.00  -  2 classes $152.00

I have been a student of movement for forty years, having studied classical,
contemporary & ethnic dance, choreography and, relatively recently, Authentic
Movement. Sharing the relevant aspects of these influences, in combination with
knowledge gleaned over the years from my body-work friends about the mechanics of
movement, is the focus of my teaching.

Katherine Crow
South 819 Ivory 
Spokane, WA  99292