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In 1983 Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas catalyzed one of the most dramatic changes to take place in the fitness industry ...... they took off their shoes and eliminated what was the main staple of aerobic exercise ---- repetitive jogging up and down. These two acts completely changed the look and feel of fitness and triggered the emergence of what came to be known as low impact aerobic exercise, now referred to as soft exercise.

Nia is an expressive body-mind movement and lifestyle practice, embracing fitness and health.

The original vision of the Nia Technique was born from the idea that fitness could look, feel, and be experienced differently -- in a less painful, more pleasurable way. This vision included barefoot aerobics, holistic and integrated fitness, wellness, personal growth, education, and community. All Nia program still supports this vision, today.

Nia creatively integrates movements, concepts, and philosophies fro both Eastern and Western traditions.

By embracing the gifts of the healing arts, we embody sensation, the backdrop upon which all our practice takes place. Martial arts and meditative techniques teach mindfulness, a powerful tool for self-discovery. Dance techniques teach how to move with grace and fluidity. And integrative body therapies help us to understand how to self heal through awareness and alignment that improves functioning. Various psychological tools support the self guided process, allowing students become self empowered and to take charge of their own growth and well-being -- a transformational experience in and of itself.

The practice of Nia offers both traditional and non-traditional benefits.

Traditional benefits of Nia include cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength, balance, endurance and relaxation. Nia delivers more esoteric benefits through the conscious application of specific meditation and concentration techniques. Nia engages the spirit and touches people's hearts, giving them permission to play and more intimately connect with themselves and others. It encourages inner exploration nd self-discovery and guides students to move through their own unique, infinitely creative space. Nia is guided by the Pleasure Principal -- if the body feels good accepted and loved, it will naturally become stronger and heal.

Nia classes guide ou to move your body the way it is intended to move.

Combining carefully selected movements and concepts from Yoga, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jazz, Modern Dance and other movement forms, Nia classes offer total body cardiovascular conditioning and cross training for any sport or activity. All Nia movements are adaptable and can be personalized for any level of fitness and agility No prior training is necessary. Everyone is welcome, so join us for Nia!

Experience the joy of movement and the benefits of moving your body ..... the body's way.

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"Gyms that are particularly savvy offer classes  called Nia...."  Sports Traveler

"The international Dance exercise Association rates the Nia Technique 4.9 on a scale of 5, measuring effectiveness, safety and creativity."  American health

"Your strength, balance and flexibility will improve with these exercises. Based on everyday movements, done slowly with concentration and precision, they give you a good workout."  Glamor

"This lyrical, dance like routine is deceptively powerful, delivering a high-powered workout that will leave you strong and centered."  Health

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