Want a simple delicious way to fuel your body and cut your food costs?
Sprouting is the way!

Studies at major universities reach the same conclusion: The nutrition in sprouts is GREATER than in the seed before it is sprouted. When wheat sprouts, the vitamin A doubles, C goes up 600% and E increases 300%. That spells ACE, the anti-oxidant triad. Cool yes?

To start, all you need is:

1. Seeds to sprout. Start with wheat. It's the easiest to master.
2. A wide mouth jar. At least a quart. Gallon jars really produce.
3. A Rinse Drain System e.g. Plastic window screen, cheese cloth, nylon net stocking.
4. A Rubber band, Jar ring, string - Anything to keep the screen over the mouth of the jar.

Get some grain from a local progressive food store or health food stores. Do not use seed grain treated for planting as it may be imbued with injurious chemicals.

In the evening, fill the jar about 25% full of grain. Put on the cover system. (netting held on with rubber band etc.) Put in enough water to cover the grain, swish it around a bit and drain of dust and debris.

Put in some more water covering the grain. The grain will swell so you need to cover the grain plus 25%. Let it soak overnight.

In the morning drain the water and rinse the grain until the water is clear. The water should appear cloudy when you first drain last night's water. The grain give off a fungicide. Some people drink it. We don't think you should.

It is possible to eat the wheat at this point. However, the germination process has not really kicked in. Vitamin content actually increases within the next 24 hours.

Rinse until the water is clear. Leave the jar tilted so that it may drain fully. In the evening rinse and drain, again leaving the jar tilted.

Optional: Cover the jar with a towel keeping the light out. This is like being in earth to the grain.

Continue to do this each morning and evening until you notice the grain beginning to sprout and volume of the grain will be about double.

This only takes 2 to 4 days, depending on the grain and temperature.

It's good for a week to 10 days if stored in the refrigerator.

You can enjoy wheat sprouts in salads, sandwiches, soups, morning cereal, omelets, pizza, breads, cookies and whatever you can imagine.

Sprouts are bursting with growth. When any seed is in its first burst of life, the energy of that plant is at its highest. If we ingest that energy it gives us more energy. While we can't prove this theory we can experiment with our own bodies to see if it is gives us energy. It works for lots of folks.

These illustrations are included in the book:


Table of contents:

Introduction vi :~ 
Preface ix 
Why Sprouts 2 
New Categories Clarify the Function of Food 3 
Advantages of Sprouting 5 
Overcoming Gravity 7 
Balance 9 
Chemicals in the Food Supply 12 
What Happens in the Germination Process 14 
Dramatic Nutritional Increases 15 
Getting Ready to Sprout 18 
How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar 20 
How Long Does It Take 22 
How to Sprout Mucilaginous Seeds 24 
How to Grow Thick Bean Sprouts 26 
Sprouting Large Beans 28 
How to Grow Baby Greens 30 
Tips for Indoor Winter Gardens 35 
Caring For Your Sprouts 38 
Containers For Sprouting 40 
References For Further Study 42 
Complete Sprouting Method Chart 43 
Sprout Chapati Special 48 
Sprout Salad Combinations 50 
Infinite Salad Creations 53 
Comfrey Relish 56 
Tabouli 57 
Homemade Sauerkraut 58 
Salad Dressings 60 
Sunflower Sprout Recipes 65 
Tofu and Soy Yogurt 70 
Making Natural Sweetener from Sprouted Grains 73 
Sprouted Grain Breads and Cakes 74 
Sweet Sprout Snacks 79 
Drinks, Smoothies, and Coolers 81 
 Plan Your Food Future 88 
 Seeds For Survival 88 
 Seed Storage 90 
 How Much and What Kind 95 
 Meal Planning 97 
 Seed Survival Package 98 
 Cleansing Results of Biogenic Substances 99 
Protein Complementing 102 
Chart of Essential Amino Acid Content of Various Grains, 
    Nuts, Seeds, Eggs, Dairy, and Fresh Produce 106 
Index 123 
About the Author 128 
If you do nothing else, try sprouted wheat. To give this to a child, or to create a drink, just add some wheat sprouts to your fruit/vegie smoothie.
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