Universal Heart Center
Resident House
922 S. Cedar
Spokane, WA 99204

House Rules

1. Enjoy Yourself

1a. No Smoking within the building.

2. Guest Rules:
You may have overnight guests, one at a time.  However, the guest may not stay more than one night at a time. e.g. there must be a night between visits, unless you receive permission from the Center. If you wish wish to have over more than one guest at a time, you must have approval of the Center.  Your guest/s must conform to the rules of the house. You are responsible for your guest/'s adherence of the rules including cleanup. Tenant's rights proceeds your guest/'s rights.

3. General  House rules:

Public Area Rule: Personal items may not be left in areas available to other tenants or the general public, except on shelving in a neat manner. Shelving in the stairway to the basement is for food and cleaning supplies only. Do not store personal items there.

Quiet Rule: All music played in your room must be contained within your room at all times, unless all other tenants are absent from the house. If the bass beat cannot be contained within your room either use your headphones or do not play the music. By 11 PM each night, the house must be quiet enough for tenants to sleep. e.g. doors opening and closing often, stacking dishes late at night, loud talking etc. may disturb other tenants.

Kitchen Rules: Clean kitchen as soon as possible after you use it. Do not leave dirty dishes in sink or on the counter. If you wish to stack your dirty dishes, please do so in your own container and set out of the area. If you use the dish drainer please remove your dishes as soon as possible so the next person may use it. Please wipe off stove, microwave, counter etc. after use. Please recycle as much as possible and follow the recycling rules as posted. To conserve space please crush boxes etc. When you notice the garbage is full please take it out.

Bathroom Rules: Remember these are a shared bathrooms. Please keep your items off  the floor. Please share available storage space and keep your personal items in the bathroom to a minimum. The bathrooms shall be thoroughly cleaned each week and the individuals sharing the bathroom shall alternate the cleaning.

Thank you for your cooperation,

For UHC Inc., 
Steve Spickard
Email: stevejspickard at gmail.com
Phone: 1-(509) 747-5745 
Cell: 1- (509) 280-1904
Universal Heart Center