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RAWK the Inland Northwest, a non-profit organization based in
Spokane, Washington, announces that it will sponsor an all-ages concert on
Sunday, November 12, 2000, at the Big Dipper, Second and Washington, in
downtown Spokane.  Doors open at 6:00 PM, with the show starting at 6:30 PM,
and ending around 9:30 PM.  Tickets are $8, and available only at the door.

Three punk bands with three different styles of punk rock will be lighting
up the stage. The lineup is as follows: Ghoti Hook, Off the Record, and
Calibretto 13. All three bands are on the Seattle Tooth and Nail record
label and each have just released new CD's within the past six months.

Ghoti Hook has released 4 CD's since the band formed in 1995, including
a "Songs We Didn't Write" album consisting of cover songs from Willie
Nelson, Elvis Presley, The Pixies, and The Violent Femmes. Ghoti Hook's sound
is more of an emo-influenced punk style. Their recently released "Two Years
to Never" album brings out more of the maturity of Ghoti Hook as a band.
They have slowed down their mix from their past poppy punk roots to more
emo-influenced punk. The number one question they receive on the road is,
what does Ghoti Hook mean?? Their website explains it like this "Ghoti is
the phonetic spelling of the word "fish". The "gh" makes an f sound as in the
words "rough" or "tough". The "o" makes an i sound as in the word "women".
Finally, the "ti" makes a sh sound as in the words "addition" and
"function".  Ghoti Hook is a cooler name than Fish Hook so that's we went
with it."

Off The Record, a punk rock outfit based in Southern California, is on the
mark with their unforgiving blend of metal and punk. Aggressive vocals,
double leads accented by in your face drum lines drive this powerful machine
forward. Following several years of independent touring, Off The Record
recorded their debut album for Tooth and Nail Records with Bill Stevenson
(Descendants/All), Stephen Egerton(Descendants/All,) and Jason
Livermore(Wretch Like Me).

Calibretto 13 will open the night with their unique mix of
acoustic-influenced punk. They are all about energy and having lots of fun
playing music. They just released "Enter the Danger Brigade" and it has been
selling well nationally and locally. Jumping from the dark and intense to
campfire weirdness to poppy stomper, sometimes within the same song, they
are the type of band that is crafting original and interesting tunes out of
their love for punk rock. Much like the Dead Milkmen were in their glory
Calibretto 13 is unpredictable and unafraid to speak out about their
beliefs, something manifested in their song "Spoiled Brat," a song about how
America's youth is spoiled, constantly taking for granted God's grace and

Please feel free to contact any of the names mentioned above for any
information regarding the current shows, upcoming shows, or about RAWK.
Thank you for your support.

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