The Big Dipper

Upon entry you receive free biofeed-back via the back bar mirror.
The Alpine 700, mounted on the right most pole, enhances
your air via an activated charcoal filter and adding ozone and negative ions.



Looking closely you may see a cat walk.
It can support any reasonable number of image projection/capture devices.


Below is the Stage, with full length video screen and loft areas.
To the left is the Green Room and upper loft.
To the right is an upper loft, private lounge, dressing room,
bathroom and northern entrance to
The Mud Honey Garden and Big D. Reforestation Project..



Care to project images?
A historic screen is available that also
works as a 'curtain' for live performances.


Video/Audio loft with door to: The Mud Honey Garden,
The Lemon Balm Walkway, & The Big Dipper Reforestation Project.
To view exterior see Letter to David Govedare.


Enter here to the garden!

Large Ladle Home