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Clara Antonia Bouche Spickard

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Clara Antonia Bouche
Married 1912 to
Pearl Amizir Spickard 

John Henry Spickard 
January 18, 1915 
Lawrence James Spickard 
December 14, 1918 

Born in Chicago 
to Frank and Antonia Bouche in 1883.
Top -- Richard, Clara, Henry, Rose 
Front -- Frank and Antonia
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Henry stayed in Chicago, married and had 6 children.

Richard moved to Kamas Prairie, Montana and homesteaded on the Flathead Indian reservation.

Rose moved to Planes, Montana. Rose, met and married John Koppes, the town milk man.
Later they moved to Clarkston, Washington. They had 3 children, Antonia (aka Tony), John, and Katherine.
Incidentally, Tony married Joe Burke. Joe and John Spickard had the same mid-wife in Montana.

Clara worked in Chicago as a stenographer. She took a vacation and visited Richard.

Earlier, Richard had purchased 2 indian ponies from Pearl Amizir Spickard. They were young horses and not fully broken.
Richard was not a great horseman. He could not work them. He walked 6 miles to Pearl's homestead cabin and asked for help. Pearl agreed, went to Richard's, worked the horses and met Clara.

Clara returned to Chicago after the fortuitous 2 week Montana rondevou. Pearl and Clara wrote to each other during the winter of  1911. Clara moved to Planes, Montana and married Pearl in 1912 in a Catholic wedding. They moved into Pearl's 12x12 log cabin that spring.

Pearl Amizir Spickard

Pearl was born in Morris Town, Tennessee 
to John and Minnie Spickard.

Pearl's parents, Minnie and John split up.
Minnie, with Pearl, went home to Sandburn, Indiana.
She eventually married a fellow named Enochs.

Pearl was raised in Sandburn by Minnie and her new husband. 
Pearl eventually married a woman named Rose. 
They had 2 children, Minnie and Chellise, pictured here.

Rose Spickard died of TB.

Pearl left Minnie with his mother, and Chellise 
with an aunt with the understanding
he would go west, homestead, 
find a woman and 
send for the kids.


Pearl and Clara settled down in the homestead. They worked raising livestock and farming.
John Henry Spickard was born on January 18th, 1915 on the ranch.
His delivery was assisted by mid-wife, Mrs. Burgess.
On a family visit, Clara delivered her second child, Lawrence James Spickard (aka, Bob), in a Chicago hospital on December 14, 1918.
In 1923 the four member Spickard family moved to Clarkston, Washington.
They purchased and ran a leasehold, The Bridge Street Grocery store.
They did well. In 1928 they built their own building across the street.
Pictured here are Clara, John (in the car) and Pearl.
     Pearl with fish. 

                John and Lawrernce

Pearl and Clara ran the store until 1934. Pearl had severe health problems and passed away in the spring of 1934. John, Bob, and Clara kept the store open as long as they could. It was the heart of the depression, patrons could not pay their bills. Clara and the kids closed the store in 1936. John and Bob converted the store to a 7 unit apartment building with a $4,400 bank loan and a lot of work.

The building still stands. The next time you are in Clarkston check it out at 1101 Bridge Street.

Pearl was a 'horse trader.' While he was alive he bought and sold, and invested some of his earnings in real estate in Clarkston. Pearl and Clara had a total of 6 properties when he passed away.

John Henry Spickard
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Letter from Vica Fay to John Spickard -- May 9th, 2000

John was graduated from Clarkston High 1935. He enjoyed dancing and was nicknamed "10 cents a dance Spickard." He met Betty Edith Davis at a dance. She came with Ida, her brother-in-law Bill, and Asa. John asked her to dance. Their New Years Eve date was at the Clarkston Metronome Dance Hall. Live music.

After a few more dates they eloped to Orifino, Idaho and married on April 29th, 1941. Steve was born June 27, 1942. Bob was born December 17, 1943.

Betty Edith Davis Spickard
Top:    Vica Fay - Betty Edith - Asa Charles - Ida Alice - Charlotte May 
Bottom:    Alice - Charles J.- Bonnie Haldeen

Betty was the last born to Charles and Alice Davis in Marmoth, North Dakota. Charles and Alice had 7 children.

Bonnie Haldeen married Frank Palmer, and had 4 children: Edith, Russel, Margaret, and Asa. They moved to Clarkston. Bonnie invited her folks and siblings to join them in Clarkson. Most did. After the death of Frank Bonnie married Howard Franklin.

Charlotte May married Carl Carlson and they had three girls: Ilene, Peggy and Norma. After Carl's death Charlotte married Gene Heinbaug in California. Ilene married and took the name Kuntz, as did Peggy, who is now known as Peggy Ferdinand. Norma passed away in California.

Asa Charles married Ester and had 2 daughters, Noreen and Lorraine.

Vica Fay married Follis Sayre, who worked as a sheepherder, bartender and later a gambler. They had one son, Jack and then divorced when Jack was 1 1/2 years old. Jacks name was changed when Vica married a railroad conductor, W. J. DeLange and when W. J. adopted Jack his name was changed when he was 4 years old. Vica worked as a telegraph operator during World War II.  Link to May 9th 2000 letter for John Spickard from Vica. Vica and Bill DeLange had 2 daughters, Marisa and Doris. Vica lived and worked in Miles City, Montana at the Holy Rosary Hospital for 20 years. After divorcing DeLange, she married Clem Johnson, he only lived 6 months after marriage and passed away in 1978. She now lives in Kennewick to be near family. Jack DeLange married Deane Buxballm and lived in Miles City and now Kennewick, Wa. They have two sons, Curtis Lee, now a Seattle resident and Greg William. Curits has two sons, Gene and Brennan. Greg has two sons, Alex Tyler and Dusty. Marlisaa married Leland Dodd in Miles City and they have a daughter Lorna and a son Chris. They divorced and she married Dave Danilsen. Her daughter, Lorna married Steve Gowan and they have one son, Andrew and a daughter, Sarah Alice. Chris is a not married and is a band manager in California. Doris Elaine married Mike Mangen and they live in Billings Montana and he works for the postal department. They have two sons, Jerry  and Andrew. Jerry is in the Naval Reserve and lives in Billings. Andrew, an advanced electrician, is in Farmington, New Mexico.

Thus Via has 3 children - 6 Grand Children - 4 great grand children - and only one little girl in the whole bunch.

Ida Alice married Bill Gause and had one child, Peggy.

Edgar Hershel was born November 17, 1918 in Marmarth, N. D., and passed away Feb. 22, 1920 of the flu epidemic.

Betty was the youngest. Born in Marmarth, N. D., on June 19, 1922. She was graduated from Clarkston High.
She worked in accounting and the desk at the Lewis Clark hotel. The hotel still stands. It's been converted to offices.

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